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Afrobabii Boutique was born out of the love and passion of helping  women see their true natural beauty.


Founder Lauren Courtney decided to attend Contessa Rol Beauty School, after doing hair out of her college dorm room for so long.  She became a  full-time student in March of 2009. As a student she perfected her God given talent as a Cosmetologist. Lauren is a Certified Master Colorist and specializes in healthy hair as well as natural. She is also photographer with a love for fashion and creativity.  



In December of  2009 Lauren graduated and began working as a part-time stylist. Lauren has always had a passion for healthy hair and believes that every woman should be able to relax and enjoy their service. As a young multicultural stylist, her accomplishments and flair of the hottest trends allow her creativity to blossom thru her work.

Natural hair is an exquisite crown. 

A head full of unique healthy beauty.

Natural Beauty.


Extremely Knowledgeable!

This was my first time at Afrobabii. Lauren did an excellent job bringing my hair back to life. It'd been too long since I had trimmed it and I also needed some work with detangling. She did an excellent job with both and was able to answer all my questions about natural hair care confidently.


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